next showJuż dziś zapowiadamy czwartą edycję Festiwalu w dniach 12-14 lipca 2019 roku. Zaprezentujemy także twórców z krajów, z których jeszcze dotąd nie oglądała warszawska publiczność. Cieszy nas chęć udziału w Festiwalu wielu artystów, często z bardzo odległych części świata.

Trzy lata istnienia Festiwalu to powód do zadowolenia, ale i do sprostania kolejnym wyzwaniom.

Dyrektorem Festiwalu będzie Grażyna Karwowska-Winiarek, a dyrektorem artystycznym – Ivan Gontko; zapewnia to projektorowi ciągłość i umożliwia jego rozwój zgodnie z początkowymi założeniami.

Zapraszamy do współpracy zainteresowanych wsparciem naszego Festiwalu w 2019 roku, by kolejny był jeszcze bogatszy pod każdym względem.

Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszej strony.

The Polish Foundation Meritium organizes one of the most interesting and engaging International Street Festival – Puppet on the Stage.

The next 4 th edition of Puppet on the Stage Festival will take place in the historic square of New Town part of Old Town in Warsaw (like every year), weekend 12-14 July 2019. This annual summer Festival welcomes distinguished puppets friend from across the Europe who will travel to Warsaw to create magical domains for everyone to enter. The most skilled puppeteers will gather to bring marionettes and puppet to live, to cultivate the imagination through heritage and traditions of Street Theatre. Around 6000-8000 spectators are attending our festival during three memorable days, and this is the only chance for audience to meet, to explore and to learn about Street Theatre. Till now we had well known artists from example: Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Portugal, Hungary.

The square in The Old Town transforms into a place fulfilled with street puppet theatres, puppets which you can meet, puppeteers who you can ask questions, barrel organs with organ grinder for you to enjoy.

We aim to present a vast array of puppet performances, with the techniques to delight adults and children alike. With diverse programme of high quality shows, workshops and outdoor entertainment we introduce spectators to Street Theatre.

Festival Puppet on the Stage is the one and only, unusual project in Poland whose heroes are world famous puppets, some 100 years old. Scenery of the square of New Town and park in front of theatre is magical. Thousand of people are there to enjoy both the spectacle and the bright summer sunshine or light rain, as show goes on despite the weather. Every day there are ranges of fabulous puppet shows, events, workshops and talks with the best artists coming from across Europe. You can spend whole day here, forget about reality, you can stand, seat, walk… listen to music played on barrel organs or accordion, enter into puppet story, take part in showcases and talks and also learn what goes on backstage. Actor and director, international guru of puppetry Ivan Gontko revive the ancient tradition of puppeteers to small and big people at the square of New Town every year. The fun goes on whole day, and as it’s free and non-ticked, everyone can pop in for a little while, or take a day of it.

The Puppet on the Stage Festival was created by Meritium Foundation and made possible through using public funding, generous funders, partners and sponsors. And also is widely promote by polish media.

General information: International Festival Puppet on the Stage aim to bring a wide range of artists with diverse puppetry styles including marionettes, tiny toys puppets, puppets to the area. The festival promises a lively series of high-quality family, children’s and adult puppet theatre show, offering experience for every age. It is great event that everyone can access. There are no barriers for any disabilities. Puppet on the Stage is showing backstage of puppetry through showcases and talks. It is the place to share experience between the artists, artists and audience and place to cultivate the imagination through tradition of the art of puppetry.

Recipients of the project: audience – children, babies, toddlers, youngsters, teenagers, adults; families; tourists; theatre personnel – actors, producers, directors, playwrights, musicians, designers; body of opinion – journalists, media, critics, promoters of culture; sponsors.

Authors of project: Director of Festival Ivan Gontko – international guru of puppetry and its ancient tradition. Grazyna Karwowska-Winiarek – President of Foundation, Director of Festival, Manager of many international and national projects relating to culture and education of young audience including several editions of International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People Korczak and also 18 th ASSITEJ World Congress in Warsaw

Meritium Foundation: Statutory objective of Meritum Foundation is to act for a comprehensive development of Polish society, particularly in the field of culture, tradition, education and development of democracy. The value of the Foundation is to base the action on the team – people with experience and substantive knowledge in the scope of realization of various national and international projects including educational, social, information, cultural or commercial projects.

Contact: Communication and Press Office – Marta Winiarek-Miętus e-mail: marta.winiarek-mietus@mwmpr.pl mob.: +48 601 145 133 



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